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Group Rentals

Keystone Sports is the place for groups!

We offer special group rates for 15 or more. We pay close attention to you and your group to make sure that your trip to the mountains is a success.

If you are planning to bring a group of 15 or more people, please contact Anne Fedrigo for special group pricing.

Discount Pricing!

Custom Websites!....one website where your group members can log in and reserve their discounted rentals on their own.  No collecting large amounts of info and money for one person.
Custom Billing!

Group Fitting Times!....Is your group arriving the afternoon before your first ski morning?  We can set up a custom fit time the day before you start to ski so that the next morning you wake up and hit the slopes.

Contact Anne Fedrigo at 970-496-1461 or afedrigo@ssv.net for more details.